Animal and Pet Portraits


I enjoy painting animal and pet portraits and even sometimes portraits of people !

I work in acrylics, which give an oil painting like effect of solid colour. I also work in the more transparent watercolour medium. However the most popular medium for Pet Portraits, particularly where people wish to emphasise fur, is the pastel pencil and soft artist's coloured pencils. There are examples of acrylics, watercolour and pastel pet portraits in the examples which I have used on this site.

Prices for Animal and Pet Portraits start from 100 for an unframed picture in acrylics, pastel pencil or watercolour. 

Gift Certificates are also available if you would like to give someone the gift of a pet portrait, which they can then arrange themselves.

I also have small fun cardboard bookmarks available, featuring my artwork and entitled "I Love Horses" "I Love Dogs" and "I Love Cats" and "I Love Highland Cattle". Ideal for Christmas extras !

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How Do I Arrange for a Pet Portrait ?

A chinese dragon

It is possible to arrange for a pet portrait by sending me digital photographs.

Please contact me using the Contact details below or on the menu bar to find out more.

 Please select the menu item "Photographing your Pet" to find out more about the types of photographs I can work from.

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