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Terriers have been a very popular commission that I have been asked to paint. Their hairy texture lends itself very well to a pastel pparson jack russell terrierainting. Terriers love to dig and have been used to hunt vermin, by digging, for example down holes in the ground. Their name derives from the same root as "terre," French for "earth" Some of the Terrier breeds are natives to Scotland.

westie painting

They are the Scottie, Skye, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont and West Highand White Terriers (Westies).

One of the first mentions of the blwestie pictureack Scottie dogs as a breed was in 1859 when they were exhibited as a pure breed under the name "Aberdeen Terrier". The white West Highland Terrier and the Scottie are closely related though, descending from terriers who were used in the Blackmount area of Perthshire and the Moor of Rannoch.  They were cairn terrieroriginally bred to hunt and kill vermin on farms and to hunt badgers and foxes in the Highlands of Scotland. Scotties are natural "diggers."  They were bred with strong tails so that their owners could pull them out of the holes when they were digging for vermin ! 

Captain Gordon Murray and S.E. Shirley set the type in 1879 and the Scottish Terrier Club was established three years later.

I have also completed pictures of Jack Russell Terriers and also the Parson Terrier.  My father and uncle used to ride with the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire hunt.  Hunts use Jack Russells as they are able to fit down the fox's hole or into smaller spaces than the hounds can reach in order to catch the prey.  The parson terrier is a longer legged ancestor of the Jack Russell.


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