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Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)


Leonardo da Vinci produced some fantastic drawings and models of the horse. His details of the anatomy of the horse are fantastic. Some of these images can be viewed via these links to posters for sale on Amazon although one is no longer available on Amazon for sale, but they do let you see the wonderful da Vinci technique:


Leonardo also created a clay model for a planned bronze horse which was to be the biggest ever bronze horse to exist. It was to be built in Milan. However it was never built at the time (around 1500) as French forces invaded and the French archers took aim at Leonardo's clay model and destroyed it. It would have been called Il Cavallo.  However, recently a group of Americans and Italians got together to create the statue and more than 500 years after first taking form in Leonardo da Vinci's imagination, the world's largest equine statue, cast in bronze and engineered to stand for hundreds of years to come, was unveiled as a gift to Italy from the American people.  The 24- foot-high, 15-ton bronze statue now stands in Milan.  For more information : http://www.equisearch.com/art_graphics/eqdavinci22/