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History of Animal Art


I have taken inspiration from some of the great painters of horses and other animals.

Many of these paintings can be viewed in the Kelvingrove, Burrell and Hunterian Art Galleries where I live in Glasgow and it is wonderful to look at the techniques up close.

Some of the artists who have inspired me include animal artists found in the Burrell Collection, Glasgow. These include Degas, Gericault and Crawhall. I am also a fan of Joseph Farquarson, Landseer, Munnings. Carol Peek and Lucy Kemp-Welch are two fantastic women horse painters who I greatly admire. If you would like to find out a bit more about each of these then please read on. You can also read about my Great Grandfather Alexander Lightbody who made his living as an artist.

I have presented the various artists in roughly historical order.

Animals were one of the first recorded thing that humans actually painted. Prehistoric cave paintings from 1,000s of years ago still exist of bison, buffalo and horses. On a lighter note, to discover if these paintings are still truly appreciated have a look at this great Banksy work of art ! http://www.artofthestate.co.uk/graffiti/cans_festival_banksy_cave_painting.htm

To further study the History of Animal painting you may find these books to be of interest :

And here are some Christmas Present favourites !