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Géricault (1791 - 1824)


Gericault was born in Rouen in France. He studied the paintings of Rubens, Titian, Diego Velázquez and Rembrandt at the Louvre during the years 1810 to 1815. He found a vitality in those paintings which he preferred to the prevailing school of Neoclassicism at the time. He became known as one of the pioneers of the Romantic movement.

Theodore Gericault's paintings of horses are full of action and movement. His Prancing Grey Horse can be viewed at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. A photograph of the painting can be seen at this link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ramson/2921515788/. This wonderful oil sketch is said to be a study for Géricault's painting "An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging", now in the Louvre.

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