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George Stubbs (1724 – 1806)


George Stubbs was a British painter, best known for his fabulous paintings of horses. He was born in Liverpool and was largely self taught. In the 1740s he worked as a portrait painter and also studied human anatomy at York County Hospital. After a spell in Italy, he returned to England and spent 18 months dissecting horses to study their anatomy, assisted by his common law wife. He then published his findings in 1766 in his book "The Anatomy of the Horse".

His most famous painting is probably the study of a chestnut horse "Whistlejacket". He also painted groups of horses , horses with hounds and horses accompanied by their grooms.

Stubbs also painted more exotic animals including lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, and rhinoceroses, which he was able to observe in private menageries. He became preoccupied with the theme of a wild horse threatened by a lion and produced several variations on this theme.

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